Cory Podolski Crandon Cause of Death, Obituary, and Funeral Plans

Cory Podolski, a co-owner and vice president at Nine2zero Designs RC, has sadly passed away. This news has deeply saddened the racing community, who remember him as a dear friend and cherished racer. Let’s look at what happened to Cory Podolski, his cause of death, obituary, and funeral arrangements.

Cory Podolski Crandon Cause of Death, Obituary, and Funeral Plans

Who Was Cory Podolski?

Cory Podolski, a young racing driver from Crandon, Appleton, Wisconsin, was loved in his professional and racing worlds. He worked at FASTSIGNS as a Co-Owner and Vice President at Nine2zero Designs RC. Cory was more than just a great friend and a strong racer. Even though he loved competing in races, he was among the friendliest and easiest-to-approach people you could meet.

Cory was heavily into dirt track racing and car design. He generously shared his knowledge, teaching friends how to make cool car wraps and build their race cars. Cpod was like a happy teddy bear, always there to chat and help his friends when they needed him. His presence made everyone’s day brighter.

Cory Podolski Cause of Death

Cory Podolski, known as Cpod in the dirt track racing and car design communities, passed away peacefully. Right now, the exact cause of his passing isn’t known, and more details about it will be shared when available.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Cory Podolski will release his obituary and information about his funeral later. At the moment, they are healing and need some time before they can share this information. When they’re ready, they’ll tell us about the funeral details.

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