Ignacio Mascolo ‘Nacho’ of Rye, NY, a Talented Rugby and Tennis Player, Passes Away

Losing someone like Ignacio Mascolo feels like a heavy blow. Known as “Nacho” in Rye, New York, he lit up the rugby and tennis scenes, leaving a mark that won’t fade. The news of his sudden passing on November 24, 2023, confirmed by Ithaca College Rugby, shook everyone who knew him. Let’s find out what happened to Ignacio Mascolo, his obituary, funeral arrangements, and the cause of death.

Ignacio Mascolo 'Nacho' of Rye, NY, a Talented Rugby and Tennis Player, Passes Away

Who was Ignacio Mascolo?

Ignacio Mascolo ‘Nacho’ called Rye, New York, home—a vibrant soul cherished by many. Details about his age and family background remain private, allowing those who loved him to hold his memory close.

Ignacio Mascolo, a force to reckon with as a flyhalf for the Bombers, wasn’t just a sports whiz; he was a business scholar too. His brain for business matched his skills in the field.

On that rugby pitch, Nacho was a maestro. His moves weren’t just about power; they were strategy in action.

As a flyhalf, he danced between offense and defense, reading the game with a precision that left everyone in awe. His kicks were like poetry in motion, weaving plays that changed the game for the Bombers.

More than a player, Nacho was a leader. He wasn’t the loud, commanding type; his calm, guiding presence earned him respect from teammates and rivals alike.

But rugby wasn’t his only stage—he owned the tennis court too. His quick reflexes and sharp thinking, honed in rugby, made him a standout player in tennis.

Nacho’s ability to shine in two sports was a testament to his dedication and versatility. In the Bombers’ history, Ignacio Mascolo will forever be remembered for his passion and impact, a legend among the sport’s greats.

Ignacio Mascolo Cause of Death

The circumstances around Nacho’s passing haven’t been shared. Right now, our hearts are with the Mascolo family and Nacho’s wide circle of friends, navigating this tough time.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

To honor Nacho, his wake will be held on Monday, from 2 to 5 pm at Graham Funeral Home, 1036 Boston Post Rd, Rye, NY 10580.

A comprehensive obituary celebrating Ignacio Mascolo’s life will be shared by his family at a later date.

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