Lynn Denlinger Death: Fatal Accident in Lewisburg – Obituary & Funeral

Lynn Denlinger lived in Lewisburg at 50 years old. Unfortunately, tragedy struck recently on Little York Road near Silver Lane in Butler Township around 9 p.m. A truck and a motorcycle collided on this stretch of road. Both vehicles suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. Let’s find out what happened to Lynn Denlinger, his obituary, funeral plan, and death cause.

Lynn Denlinger Death: Fatal Accident in Lewisburg - Obituary & Funeral

Who was Lynn Denlinger?

Lynn Denlinger was from Lewisburg and was 50 years old. Unfortunately, we do not know much about his family or where exactly he resided – however, we know he was involved in an accident.

How Did He Died – Cause of Death

Let’s examine what happened next. Lynn may have lost control of his motorcycle and crossed another lane where a large truck was coming, which is believed to have caused the accident. Witnesses tried CPR but unfortunately was ineffective – leading him to later pass away at the scene of his tragic incident. Police are currently working hard on their investigation, hoping to gain all the details.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Lynn Denlinger will share his funeral arrangements and obituary information as soon as they are available.

At times of death, it can be heartbreaking. Let us remember Lynn Denlinger and his loved ones in our thoughts; accidents may happen to anyone at any time on the roads; be wary and watch out for each other. We will keep you updated when more details about his obituary or funeral arrangements have come our way.

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