Monsignor Frank Chiodo, Beloved Priest of Diocese of Des Moines, Passes Away

When Monsignor Frank Chiodo left us on November 23, 2023, it felt like a piece of our shared story drifted away. His presence was a gentle beacon of hope, and when the news, delivered through a heartfelt Facebook post, reached us, a profound sense of disbelief settled in. The circumstances surrounding his passing remain shrouded in mystery, deepening the ache of his absence. Let’s find out what happened to Monsignor Frank Chiodo, his obituary, funeral arrangements, and the cause of death.

Who was Monsignor Frank Chiodo?

Monsignor Frank Chiodo’s journey was one intertwined with learning, service, and unyielding faith. Starting his educational voyage at Dowling High School, he continued to Immaculate Conception Seminary in Conception, Missouri, and later to St.

Thomas Theological Seminary in Denver. Bishop Maurice Dingman ordained him in 1976, igniting his service at Christ the King Parish and later as a teacher at St. Albert Catholic School.

In 1985, Monsignor Chiodo embraced a new chapter at the Basilica of St. John Parish, dedicating an incredible 16 years to this historic church, celebrated for its grand Romanesque Revival style and national recognition.

His path as a priest was marked by compassion. From St. Thomas More Church in Omaha to his return to Des Moines at Holy Trinity Parish, each stop echoed his unwavering commitment to the communities he cherished.

Finally, in 2007, he found solace at St. Anthony Parish, a place pulsating with history and culture, where he championed the stories of Italian and Hispanic immigrants, leaving a lasting legacy.

In 1990, Monsignor Chiodo was honored with the title of monsignor and recognized as a Prelate of Honor by St. John Paul II—an acknowledgment of his tireless devotion to the Church. His gentle spirit and patient guidance endeared him to all, embodying the true essence of a devoted servant of God.

Monsignor Frank Chiodo Cause of Death

The circumstances surrounding Monsignor Frank Chiodo’s passing remain veiled, leaving our community mourning the loss of a cherished soul whose life epitomized faith, service, and unwavering dedication.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The forthcoming obituary, a testament to Monsignor Chiodo’s impactful life, will be shared by his family. As we prepare to bid farewell, we carry forward Monsignor Chiodo’s legacy through the countless lives he touched, forever remembering his warmth, wisdom, and enduring kindness.