Ontario’s Laurie Gourd, YMCA Northumberland Member, Passes Away

The unexpected passing of Laurie Gourd, a cherished member of YMCA Northumberland, has left us reeling with sadness. Laurie’s departure on December 2, 2023, has left a void in our hearts, a reminder of the profound impact she made in our lives within the YMCA community. Let’s find out what happened to Laurie Gourd, her obituary, funeral arrangements, and the cause of death.

Ontario's Laurie Gourd, YMCA Northumberland Member, Passes Away

Who was Laurie Gourd?

Laurie Gourd was more than a member; she was a friend, a mentor, and a ray of sunshine for all she encountered. Her laughter echoed through our halls, and her infectious smile brightened even the dullest of days. She had an innate ability to uplift spirits and connect with everyone on a personal level.

Laurie Gourd Cause of Death – What Happened

The circumstances surrounding Laurie’s passing, and the specifics of her departure, remain a mystery. The absence of details only amplifies the heaviness in our hearts.

As we navigate this loss, we hold Laurie and her family close in our thoughts, finding solace in the beautiful memories she gifted us.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

In the days ahead, the obituary and funeral arrangements for Laurie Gourd will be shared, allowing us to honor and commemorate her incredible life. Let us gather to celebrate Laurie’s warmth, her kindness, and the immeasurable impact she had on each of us. Laurie’s light will forever shine within our YMCA family.

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