Sawal Anaa Ka Tha Cast Name & Photo – Aan TV

“Sawal Anaa Ka Tha” is a Pakistani drama series currently airing on Aan TV in 2024. Directed by Dilawar Malik and written by Sana Zafar, the storyline revolves around relationship breakdowns. The primary cast features Sana Nawaz, Abbas Ashraf, and Areej Mohiyuudin. Discover the full cast and characters of the drama “Sawal Anaa Ka Tha,” including their real-life images and personal details.

Sawal Anaa Ka Tha Cast Name & Photo – Aan TV

Sawal Anaa Ka Tha Cast Name & Photo

Explore the full list of cast names and photos for the Aan TV drama “Sawal Anaa Ka Tha.” The series features a talented ensemble of main and supporting actors, including:

Abbas Ashraf as Usama

Up-and-coming Pakistani actor Abbas Ashraf portrays Usama in the drama “Sawal Anaa Ka Tha.”

Actor Abbas Ashraf

Sana Nawaz as Dur e Nayab

Film and TV actress Sana Nawaz plays the role of Dur-e-Nayab in the Aan TV drama “Sawal Anaa Ka Tha.” She is 44 years old and divorced her husband Fakhar in 2022 due to family issues. Sana has two beautiful sons, Azi Imam and Rayaan Imam.

Actress Sana Nawaz

Adla Khan as Raima

Actress Adla Khan

Areej Mohyudin as Mirha

Actress Areej Mohyudin

Shahjahan Rana as Jahangir

Actor Shahjahan Rana

Mehreen Shah as Mahjabeen

Actress Mehreen Shah

Waseem Tirmazi as Shahzain

Actor Waseem Tirmazi

Bushra Gulfam as Farwa

Actress Bushra Gulfam

Talat Shah as Asim

Actor Talat Shah

Sara Ejaz Khan as Hania

Actress Sara Ejaz Khan

Sohail Sameer as Zaviyar

Actor Sohail Sameer

Saima Saleem as Samina

Actress Saima Saleem

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