Aneesha Altaf

Aneesha Altaf is a young and talented Pakistani actress and fashion model. She’s not just an actress, however; she is also a businesswoman, co-founding two clothing brands, 4th Dimension and Minaash. Let’s take a look at the biography of Aneesha Altaf, including her age, height, weight, social media presence, family, and career.

Aneesha Altaf Biography

Aneesha Altaf was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She embarked on her journey in the world of entertainment back in January 2013.

Since then, both fans and critics have been praising her impressive modeling skills in various media outlets.

In Pakistani showbiz, she has managed to establish herself as a prominent figure due to her dedication and hard work.

In addition to her acting and modeling career, Aneesha is also a co-founder of 4th Dimension and Minaash, which are clothing brands she owns and largely controls.

Aneesha Altaf Age

Aneesha was born on 7th July in Karachi, Pakistan.

Height & Weight

In terms of height, Aneesha is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her weight is approximately 51 kilograms. The actress possesses a slim body type.

Social Media Handle

Her Instagram handle is @aneeshaaly_.

Family Background

Aneesha lives in Karachi with her family. Her family has been a pillar of strength in her journey to success.

Who is Aneesha Altaf’s Husband?

As of now, Aneesha is not married yet.

Upcoming Dramas

Aneesha and Samar Jafri will appear together in an upcoming drama series.

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