Reham Khan Drama Serial: Everything You Need To Know About It

Here is everything you need to know about the Reham Khan drama serial. She is a British-Pakistani journalist, anchorperson, scriptwriter, and filmmaker. Also, she is the ex-wife of Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. She has been in the headlines ever since she announced her to the politics.

Reham Khan is famous for her bold looks and acerbic tongue. She has become one of the country’s most talked-about figures as a result of her discussions about divorce with Imran Khan and what went wrong between them.

Reham Khan Drama Serial Details:

I’m sure many people would have heard that Reham Khan is going to play a lead character in a drama serial. She is reaching on the Tv screen after the divorce from her ex-husband Imran Khan. So, I want to tell you that there is no truth in that.

Reham Khan has revealed in her recent interview that she has written a drama story that is based on love. However, she said nothing about playing a role in an upcoming drama serial.

Reham Khan Drama Serial Details:

But there are many people, who are spreading rumors about the Reham Khan drama serial is that it will be based on the life of her and her ex-husband’s life from their marriage and separation. And rumors about their separation and Reham Khan coming out with a book that exposed all the secrets.

However, all these things are purely political stories. There is no truth in them and no such drama is going to be released. Let us know the truth of what drama Reham Khan is talking about.

In an interview with Current Pk, Reham Khan revealed she has written a romantic drama story for the TV viewers. It will be a Tv serial that is broadcast episode-wise. She said that she has completed the script of it.

Reham Khan Drama Serial Cast:

Reham Khan is very excited about her upcoming drama that is based on a love story. She said that her upcoming drama will differ greatly from other tv dramas that are available on television channels. She said that it will purely be for a television channel.

Reham also told that she has now shifted back to Pakistan and will spend a good time here in Pakistan. She also talked about her favorite actors, which will be chosen for her upcoming drama.