Football Coach Buddy Teevens Accident: What Happened to Him: Obituary

Buddy Teevens was an esteemed Ivy League football coach renowned for his creative strategies. Tragically, he passed away on September 19, 2023, due to injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Here, we look at what happened to Buddy Teevens, including his obituary, funeral arrangements, cause of death, and any possible explanations as to why.

Football Coach Buddy Teevens Accident: What Happened to Him: Obituary
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Who was Buddy Teevens?

Buddy Teevens was an iconic figure in American college football. As both coach and player, he achieved many great things during his time. Notably, he excelled as a quarterback at Dartmouth College.

He had an indelible connection to Dartmouth University and its football program for decades, coaching football at different universities – from the University of Maine (1985-86) and Tulane (1992-96) as head coaches before serving Stanford (2002-2004) from 2002 on.

Buddy Teevens had the most significant influence during his time as the head coach at Dartmouth College from 1987 to 1991 and 2005 until he passed away. Buddy was known for being innovative with football; for instance, introducing robotic tackling dummies during Dartmouth practices; this earned him much respect from players.

Buddy’s passing leaves a large void in college football – including among his own family; in particular, his widowed wife spoke out on how hard Buddy fought after the bike accident, but eventually, it just proved too much for him to overcome. His legacy lives on through their efforts, however.

Buddy Teevens Cause of Death – What Happened

Buddy Teevens passed tragically on September 19, 2023, due to injuries from a bicycle accident in March. Due to how serious his injuries were, they had no other choice but to amputate his right leg for his safety.

President Sian Leah Beilock and Director of Athletics Mike Harrity informed everyone of this devastating news – it came as quite a shocker and shockwave throughout Dartmouth College and everyone who knew Buddy.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Buddy Teevens will soon share an obituary and plans for his funeral, which will allow all to pay respects to this remarkable coach who had such an indelible impact on the game. Please stay tuned for information on how we can honor his memory and remember his life.

As a Tribute to Buddy Teevens

Buddy Teevens was an integral figure in American college football, having contributed through robotic tackle dummies to make the game better. Buddy’s bicycle accident in March led to an amputation of his right leg, tragically resulting in his passing away on September 19, 2023. Buddy’s legacy will live long in football.

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