DJ Hitchner Dies in Salem County Accident in Bridgeton, New Jersey – Obituary

DJ Hitchner of Bridgeton, New Jersey, passed away unexpectedly at only 27 years old. DJ was known as an accomplished welder and fabricator and a loved father to an adorable daughter. Let’s find out what happened to DJ Hitchner, his obituary, his funeral plan, and his cause of death.

DJ Hitchner Dies in Salem County Accident in Bridgeton, New Jersey - Obituary

Who Was DJ Hitchner?

DJ Hitchner resided in Bridgeton, New Jersey, at 27 when he passed away unexpectedly. A skilled welder and fabricator, DJ was also a loving father to his daughter; she was his pride and joy, and he deeply treasured her as the daughter he loved so much.

Several friends and family members of DJ have taken to social media to express their condolences and pay their respects, sharing stories about his impactful legacy. It will be difficult to replace him.

How did DJ Hitchner Die? Cause of Death

We are still awaiting an official report about what caused DJ Hitchner’s tragic accident in Salem County, New Jersey. While we don’t have all the details yet, this loss has left our hearts broken. We will update our post as soon as possible.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

As we come to terms with DJ Hitchner’s death, his family will inform us of obituary and funeral arrangements – providing an opportunity to remember him fondly while saying our farewells.

Let us remember DJ as the kind and caring individual he was, sending our thoughts and prayers for their family during this challenging time.

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