Model Hina Tariq Biography, Age, Family, Husband, & More

Today, let’s dive into the world of Hina Tariq, a cool Instagram star from Pakistan. Hina was born on a sunny day, June 27. That’s her special day! She’s a Shia Muslim, and she talks about it on her Instagram page. Let’s take a look at the biography of Tiktok star and Instagram model Hina Tariq.

Model Hina Tariq Biography, Age, Family, Husband, & More

Hina Tariq Biography

Hina Tariq is a well-known person from Pakistan. She’s famous on Instagram. She’s a fashion model and also a TikTok Star. She’s done some work in advertisements. You might have seen her in ads for TCL, Daraz, and skin products. She’s good at modeling.

She has a favorite actress from Pakistan. It’s Saba Qamar. She even has a picture with her on her Instagram. Hina really admires Saba Qamar.

Model Hina Tariq Age

Hina Tariq was born on June 27. That’s when she celebrates her birthday.

Hina Tariq Family

Model Hina Tariq lives with her family in Pakistan. We have pictures of her mother and father. She loves her family and often shares their photos on her Instagram. There’s a cute kid named Moosa in her family. He’s her nephew. Hina Tariq likes to share his pictures on Instagram. She loves spending time with him.

Model Hina Tariq with her father
Mother and daughter are together
The girl is with her brother

Model Hina Tariq Husband

Hina Tariq doesn’t have a husband yet. She’s not married. Maybe someday she will find someone special to marry.


Model Hina Tariq joined Instagram in January 2019. That’s when she started sharing her pictures and moments with her followers.

On TikTok, she has a lot of people following her. There are 664.8K people who like to see what she does. She must be really good at making videos!

So, that’s a bit about Hina Tariq. She’s a popular Instagram model and TikTok Star from Pakistan. People like to see her pictures and videos, and she’s good at what she does.