Farrukh Aslam: The NEXT President of the Sarafa Association in Gojra?

Who will be the next president of the Sarafa Association in Gojra? In the busy streets of Gojra, where lots of people buy and sell gold, there’s a group called the Sarafa Association. They help make sure everything runs smoothly in the gold market. We’re excited to talk about who might be the next president of this Sarafa Association, and it looks like it’s going to be emerging leader Farrukh Aslam.

Let’s talk about who is Farrukh Aslam, and whether will he be the next president of the Sarafa Association in Gojra.

Who is Farrukh Aslam?

Farrukh Aslam knows all about gold because he comes from a family that’s been in the gold business for a long time. He is 42 years old. His father, Muhammad Aslam, is well-known for working with gold. Farrukh is from a place called Chak No 215 GB, which is where he and his family are from.

Farrukh Aslam: the NEXT president of the Sarafa Association in Gojra?
Farrukh Aslam

For more than 20 years, Farrukh has owned “Farrukh Jewellers,” a famous gold shop in Rehman Plaza, Ghali Tipu Sultan, Qaid Azam Road Gojra. Since 1999, he’s been making and selling beautiful gold jewelry that people love.

A Person Who Helps Others

Farrukh Aslam doesn’t just care about his business; he cares about people too. He’s also the Vice President of the Traders Association in Gojra, where Saeed Manaj is the leader. Farrukh is a very hard worker, and he gets involved in activities to help people who don’t have much.

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Family Background

In their family, gold is like a special tradition. Farrukh’s brother, Qamar Zaman, is also in the gold business, running his own gold shop in Choki Wali Ghali Gojra. Together, they keep their family’s good name for being honest and making really nice gold things.

In Farrukh’s family, lots of people love working with gold. One of his nephews, Muhammad Sheraz, has a gold lab in Ghali Sarafa Wali, Gojra. This lab is a place where they study and learn more about making gold things. It shows how much the family loves gold and wants to make it even better.

Farrukh’s cousin, Muhammad Rizwan, has his own gold shop in Sarafa Bazar, Gojra. This means their family has a lot of people who know all about gold.

An Image of Farrukh Aslam taken during the Traders Association meeting
An Image of Farrukh Aslam taken during the Traders Association meeting

Who is the current President of the Sarafa Association in Gojra?

Right now, the person in charge of the Sarafa Association in Gojra is Ashraf Naz. But it seems like Farrukh Aslam will be the next leader. This change means the group is going from an older leader to someone younger.

Farrukh’s new leadership might bring new ideas and ways of doing things. He really wants to help the community and make sure all the businesses in Gojra do well.

So, as we wait to find out who the next president of the Sarafa Association will be, it looks like Farrukh Aslam is the one everyone is talking about.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Sarafa Association President?

Sarafa Association presidents serve as leaders and representatives for jewelers’ communities within specific regions or provinces. The responsibilities of this position may include the following:

  • Promoting and protecting the interests and welfare of jewellers and the jewelry industry.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with other associations, organizations, and authorities on matters pertaining to the jewellery trade.
  • Organization and participation in events, exhibitions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and training programs that benefit jewellers as well as the general public.
  • Maintain and enhance the standards, quality, and reputation of jewellery products and services.
  • Resolve disputes among jewellers as well as between jewellers and customers.
  • Maintain the values, ethics, and code of conduct established by the Sarafa Association.

How to Become a Member of the Sarafa Association in Gojra?

To become a member of the Sarafa Association, you need to be a jeweller or a trader of precious metals and stones shop in Gojra. You also need to meet the membership criteria and pay the membe

Some of the benefits of being a member of the Sarafa Association are:

  • You can get access to the latest market rates, trends, and news related to the Jewellery industry.
  • You can participate in events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and training programs organized by the Sarafa Association or its partners.
  • You can network and collaborate with other jewellers and traders in your region and across Pakistan.
  • You can voice your opinions, suggestions, and grievances to the Sarafa Association and its representatives.
  • You can contribute towards improving and developing the jewellers’ community as well as jewellery industry overall.

His successful shop, family history of gold trading, and love for helping others make Farrukh Aslam an excellent candidate. If he becomes the leader, we can expect good things for the Sarafa Association, where old ways and new ideas will work together to improve Gojra’s gold market.

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